Cloud Optimization Program.

CloudWise consists on a curated (and opinionated) set of applications and processess that will assist you to build and operate cloud native applications while keeping costs down and preventing outages.

How does it work?

The platform analyses your Cloud usage and gives you insights and recommendations to enhance your infrastructure.

OpenSource Technology

Built on top of Kubernetes, Prometheus, Grafana and Kubecost.


Cloud Native

It works with the major Cloud Providers, even on on-premises .
AWS - GCP - Catalyst Cloud (soon)



Cost Optimization

Save on your Cloud Costs by using your resources efficiently and by reducing idle resources.
Get recommendations and saving tips for your Cloud Infrastructure.


Service Health and Notifications

Get alerts and notifications via slack or email and receive insights of your Cluster and Applications health.

Alerts and Notifications

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Start your optimization journey with Kubecost, a Cloud Optimization Platform built for Kubernetes.

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